Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Un ticket pour Pau, s'il vous plait.

Marguerite Lerdou was born around 1853 when the civil registration of France was well established. The Departamental Archives of the Pyrenées Atlantiques based in  Pau are available on-line for free but not yet indexed. Another advantage of the French registries are the Tables Decenales: an alphabetical index of all the births, marriages and deaths spanning 10 years. They are real time savers.

I started with Esquiule, the highest ranking village and found Marguerite in 1852 with matching age and parents. Except that Marguerite's father was not named Cayetano (which wasn't surprising since it was a very strange for France) but Gabriel Lerdou Hilarreguiborde and Mariana's correct spelling was Marianne Etchegoren (I learned later that in Basque could sound the same). I wanted to dig deeper but I hit another wall with the lack of information about Marianne's origin: her marriage and birth act are not registered in Esquiule.
But she couldn't be too far.

To be continued...

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